Senior Industrial Hygienist

Posted: Mar 27, 2018

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is seeking a Senior Industrial Hygienist for the department of Environmental Health & Safety.

The Senior Industrial Hygienist reports to the Manager of Health & Safety Services. This position is responsible for performing advanced professional work in the recognition, evaluation and control of environmental, health and safety hazards to ensure a safe and healthful workplace for research, clinical, administrative and support staff. The duties include planning and direction of investigations, consultations, training programs, and remediation activities, along with appropriate documentation and reporting. The Senior Industrial Hygienist functions as a leader within the department and institution. The incumbent performs emergency response activities, including during off-hours and on-call periods.

  • Using modern industrial hygiene principles, plans, organizes, performs, conducts, and reports on findings and recommendations for: health, safety, and environmental audits in laboratory, clinical, administrative, and support areas; investigations of occupational exposure to chemical, biological and physical hazards; industrial hygiene monitoring and personal air sampling; and, ergonomic assessments.
  • Provides technical assistance, advice, and program consultation to staff and administration in the interpretation and application of safety and occupational health directives, practices, and procedures. Identifies appropriate controls to prevent exposure to hazardous agents; evaluates engineering controls; recommends controls to eliminate and/or minimize employee health risks.
  • Prepares clear, accurate, and scientifically sound technical reports on investigations, studies, audits, inspections, and similar activities, to include, as appropriate: analysis, findings, conclusions and/or recommendations. Provides follow-up as necessary. Maintains a computerized database of investigations, inspections, audits, and related studies.
  • Designs, develops, and deploys: both general and specialized safety and health training courses in formats which include, but are not limited to, classroom, online, and self-study modules; educational materials, online training, newsletter articles, and fact sheets; and safety and health policies and procedures.
  • Maintains appropriate health, safety, and environmental records and documentation in conformance with the requirements of Federal, State, local, and University laws, rules, regulations, and policies. Record keeping may be in the form of paper copy, database, and/or electronic submissions.
  • Provides emergency response services, as needed, to include ensuring that appropriate actions are taken to protect the health and safety of personnel, minimize the impact on the environment, and control damage to university property.
  • Promotes staff development and the transfer of knowledge by cross training, mentoring, and/or guiding the activities of other staff members.
  • Serves as a chair, member, or technical advisor to standing or ad-hoc committees. Serves as a liaison with Federal, State and local agencies, other colleges and universities, and professional organizations.

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